Vin Diesel Debuts New Riddick Game

Video game and movie star, Vin Disel, has released a debut trailer for the next installment into the Riddick franchise on his Facebook account! Unfortunately for many, it happens to be a mobile game available on iOS. Riddick: Merc Files features cartoon-style cinematics (similar to Shank) but an isometric camera angle for gameplay, allowing the merc-killing Furyan to move through the shadows undisturbed.

It was revealed earlier this week that Vin Diesel was assembling the original team at Tigon to work on the next Riddick game, but hopefully this is just a side project. Looking at the style of gameplay, I can almost see this coming to console digital services, but right now it’s just schedule for mobile devices. At least the Riddick game franchise is still alive and kicking, but we need a full fledged sequel to Butcher Bay.