Sony Confirms HDMI Video Capture for PS4

One of the more few negative aspects gamers have been sticking to is the unconfirmed reports that the PlayStation 4 will be supporting HDCP for video games. While you were able to bypass this on the PS3 through component cables, the PS4 is an HDMI-only system, making many worry about their YouTube accounts.

The fact that Sony has kept their lips closed about the issue since it was brought to everyone’s attention has concerned us, but no longer as they have confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show that there will be no restrictions to recording gameplay footage through an HDMI connection. If you have an HDMI-capable capture card, you will be able to record footage at your own will. This is good for journalists such as us who like to splice together gameplay footage, and personalities on YouTube who base their entire channel on let’s-plays. More details will follow in the near future, but this is just another step in the right direction for Sony.