Sonic Lost World Gets an Extended ‘Deadly Six’ Boss Trailer

A few weeks ago, we posted a Japanese trailer for Sonic Lost World that featured the bosses. While that gave us a great look at what to expect from the game’s baddies, it unfortunately was in Japanese, making it hard to understand the exact mannerisms of the six bosses. Thankfully, Sega has today released an extended version of the trailer, entirely in English. While it clocks in at over four minutes, some of that time is taken up by an odd YouTube set-up, as the trailer is comprised of individual thirty second trailers for each of the bosses and a quick bump boasting the “Deadly Six Bonus Edition,” which includes extra game content.

Featured is Zor, Zazz, Master Zik, Zavok, Zomom and Zenna. Yes, there’s a pattern there. The bosses seem as inventive as always and getting to hear them in English reveals quite a bit of old fashioned Sonic humor in the dialogue.