Indie Royale Alaska Bundle Launched

Amid a week of Valve changing gaming forever, we’ve got more bundles to think about and make use of down the line on them newfangled Steam Machines. The Indie Royale Alaska bundle gives you six games (five known presently) for around $6. That $6 gets you a super-hard platformer in Electronic Super Joy, and a ton of strategy and tactical gaming in the form of March of the Eagles, Rigonauts, Sengoku – Way of the Warrior, and 99 Spirits. A bonus game will be unlocked in the future, and if you spend more than $8you’ll get the “Triptunes” album by Blitz Lunar. ESJ has gotten rave reviews, although I haven’t heard anything about the other titles. At $6, that seems well worth the cost of the bundle itself since it normally goes for $8. Everything but 99 Spirits unlocks on Steam.