New Accessory Lets You Turn Your iPhone into an iFruit Phone

Those who have spent time in Grand Theft Auto V the past week know how awesome the iFruit phone is. You can receive texts, surf the internet, let ex-girlfriends hassle you and even save your game. It’s just like real life (besides that whole “game saving” part). Rockstar knew just how important this technological revelation was, so made a free iFruit app available so you can take one everywhere you go. There’s just one problem: your phone still looks like a boring old dumb iPhone.

Mobile Fun is looking to remedy that with their latest conversion skin, designed to make your iPhone look just like an iFruit phone, complete with the logo. The skin is a 1mm piece of vinyl that adheres to the back of your phone. The retail price is $12.99. Head over to here to check it out and get ready to feed Chop in style.

41169Featured Image: wcstpodcast