New Pokémon Evolution is Surprising

While everybody was arguing back and forth over the next new Pokémon to be unveiled, we were all caught off guard with the reveal. Remember that ugly sword we talked about before? Well, now there’s two. Introducing Doublade, the evolved form of Honedge.  Doublade is a Steel/Ghost-type with the ability No Guard, this means all of its attacks will hit. It hasn’t drastically changed, just a new color and design on its sheath, but it can carry out precise attacks using telepathic abilities.

It’s not the kind of thing fans were looking for but hey, don’t knock it until you try it. When Magnemite grew up it just gained more Magnemites, same with Diglett. Plus, there may be room for it to evolve once more. It looks like something could comfortably wield Doublade. Fans may not like the announcement or its look, but they’ll love how strong Doublade will be.