The Scene Cut From Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Is Even Worse Than You’d Guess

We here at Hardcore Gamer thought Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs was a pretty uninteresting game with a pretty interesting story. The one thing it absolutely nailed was creating a creepy, foreboding atmosphere that permeated every last nook and cranny of the game. According to a recent interview the writer performed with Kill Screen Daily, however, things could have been much, much worse. While the whole interview is very interesting a worth a read, what has been gaining the most traction is the scene that was deemed too grotesque even for this game. I should warn you, there are slight spoilers so if you haven’t played the game and want to go in to it totally blind you might want to click away now. Hell, you might want to click away anyway because this is a level of weird most people can’t deal with. The game features these grotesque pig monsters, and in the original draft of the game they had them, well…

“Pinchbeck: There was a pig f***ing a dead body. The problem was it just looked like the pig was raping someone. It started off f***ing a female body, and actually it just looked like rape. So we switched it out for a male body, and it looked like gay rape. No better. We were trying to make a point of how animalistic the pigs were. But it didn’t add enough to justify the schlock.

Jessica Curry: We were lying in bed together and Dan tapped me on the shoulder and woke me up and went, “Pigs f***ing human corpse.” I thought, “Who the f*** have I married!”

Pinchbeck: But you’ve got to push it too far to find out where that line is. If you tiptoe cautiously up, you’ll always fall short. That’s how you find something with a real edge.”

In case you were wondering, Pinchbeck is the writer and Jessica is the composer and sound designer in the game, and also happens to be Pinchbeck’s wife. I tell you that because without that information, the second quote seems like it comes out of a horror movie. I want you to try and imagine a scenario where someone wakes you up from sleep and whispers in your ear “pigs f***ing human corpse” that doesn’t end in your death. I can’t think of any. If genocide had a fight song, it would reject “pigs f***ing human corpse” for being too offensive. An old urban legend states that if you whisper it three times into your bathroom mirror with the lights out, everyone will leave your house and won’t talk to you ever again.

So next time you play through Amnesia, just remember an early version of the game was somehow even creepier. And you were only saved from the terror because the designers thought corpse desecration looked a bit too much like rape and were turned off. I mean, isn’t it the worst when you sit down to play a nice game involving a pig monster having sex with a corpse and it looks like he’s having sex with a live person instead? I’m sure the writer was horrified. “Dammit Gary, I wanted this pig abomination having sex with a corpse, not a non-corpse. I’m not weird.”