Another Mega Evolution for Charizard

Announced early this morning, Charizard will receive an X and Y evolution. Just like Mewtwo, Charizard will go mega depending on which game you play. In Pokémon X he turns into a Fire/Dragon-type which many thought would happen for its other form. When holding the item Charizardite X, it will morph its wings, colors and flames. It also has the ability Tough Claws which powers up any moves that make direct contact turning Charizard into a new force to be reckoned with. Mega Charizard X has blue flames hanging from its mouth, making it always ready to burn through competition.

With Mewtwo and now Charizard having Megas for X and Y, there has to be more on the way. The other two Kanto starters should be revealed next but the games are released in ten short days, so we may not get anymore goodies. But, you never know, we got this Charizard surprise after all.