Five Pokémon That Should Recieve Mega Evolutions

Pokémon has been around for quite a long time. Originally released in 1998, Game Freak has managed to add hundreds and hundreds of Pokémon for fans to enjoy over the years, while still preserving the core mechanics of catching, leveling and evolving Pokémon to battle. Things might have gotten a little stale for some of the older Pokémon within the series over the years, but now X & Y are almost upon us and it’s no secret that there’s a new evolution in town to take some older Pokémon and refresh them with “mega evolutions.”

Even with all the recent leaks surrounding Pokémon X & Y, there is still some mystery surrounding the mega evolutions. Just how many there are and what monsters will receive the “mega” treatment is still largely up in the air, so with that in mind, we thought we would speculate and “wishcast” a bit on which Pokémon we think should gain the ability to mega evolve. All Pokémon from all generations were up for grabs, with a mild emphasis on Pokémon that could stand to benefit the most from some stat enhancement that would surely come along with a mega evolution.



Galvantula is the spider Pokémon that everyone was waiting for when it arrived on the scene in Black/White. Yes there was Ariados, but with awful stats and the standard bug/poison typing, nothing really made it exceptional. Galvantula on the other hand actually has pretty decent stats, a very useful ability in compound eyes, and a unique typing being the sole Electric/Bug type in the series so far. Not to mention its design is top notch. With an excellent base 108 speed putting it in the same speed class as Infernape and Keldeo, it just barely lacks the raw special attack power to make good use of this speed. This makes Galvantula makes the perfect candidate for a mega evolution; amp up the design a bit, give it a buff to its special attack, and viola! It becomes the special sweeper all of Galvantula’s fans want it to be.



I’ve always had a soft spot for Exeggutor. Its design may not be particularly exciting, but with a mean special attack stat and some heft in its HP, Exeggutor can be dangerous when handled correctly. And by correctly I mean supported with sunlight because with an abysmal 55 base speed, Exeggutor pretty much requires the activation of its ability Chlorophyll (which doubles its speed) to be useful. The problem with sun support is activating it. It could mean wasting a precious turn, or acquiring either a Ninetails with the drought ability from the dream world or a Groudon. Both are not all that easy to acquire, and if you’re running a team with Groudon, the likelihood of you using an Exeggutor alongside it is minimal.

So how do we make Exeggutor viable without sun support? Mega evolution of course! Rather than turn Exeggutor into another fast sweeper, I think it would be good to see Executor gain more bulk and turn into a Conkeldur level threat for unprepared teams. Drop the speed, but up the defenses and instead of Cholorphyll for its ability, something similar to Solid Rock (which reduces the damage from super effective moves) for grass types would should take its place. This is to balance out its less than stellar typing, and to help it not completely wither in the face of a fire type move. Bug would be the go to move type to take down Mega Exeggutor.



Poor Milotic; It used to be a good bulky water firmly planted in the overused tier, but as the battle environment has changed around it, its usability has dwindled. That’s a shame and out of all the confirmed mega evolutions Milotic certainly deserves it as much if not more than they do. So what should a mega Milotic get? Well better stats for one. Leave its special defense alone, but bump up its HP and defense, and maybe a slight special attack increase just because. Also with mega Ampharos setting the precedent for a typing addition, let’s add fairy type to the mix. That would make Milotic a great switch in against dragon types and helps set it apart from its fellow bulky waters. Also looking at the base design, it doesn’t seem like it would be too much of a stretch to give it the additional fairy typing.



Poison feels like the forgotten typing in the Pokémon universe. While there isn’t a shortage of poison types running around, the majority of them lack the stats to really stand out in the battling sphere. Game Freak should fix this, and give the most aggressively designed poison type Nidoking an extra bit of stat love with a mega evolution.  Nidoking has the looks of a top tier sweeper threat, but its stats are a complete let down.  With its highest base stat lying in its attack stat at 92, nothing Nidoking has to offer is particularly dangerous. It would be easy to buff its speed and attack and be done with it, but with its four weaknesses being in very common in the OU tier (water, ice, ground, and psychic), what would likely benefit it more would be a good boost to its bulk (HP and Defense) and a boost to its special attack.  That way it can absorb (some) hits while posing a mixed set threat (which it has the move pool to pull off), keeping opponents on their toes.



Why Alakazam? Just look at that ‘stache. He deserves a mega evolution just on that alone, but Alakazam is also one of the original powerhouses from Red/Blue. Commonly referred to as a glass cannon because of its frail defenses, Alakazam is already an OU tiered pokemon and doesn’t necessarily require any help in the stat department. But neither does Lucario, Garchomp, or Mewtwo for that matter. Alakazam is definitely an oldie but goodie, but it wouldn’t hurt to see it get a design refresh and possibly a mild stat shake up as well.

So there you have it: five mega evolutions I would like to see pop up in Pokémon X & Y.  The stat distribution may not be perfect, and the typing might not be optimal (I’m looking at you Nidoking and Exeggutor), but if I were given the chance to sit in with Game Freak while they chose who would and would not get the chance to mega evolv,e those are the Pokémon we would suggest.