First Screenshot of IronFall released, Looks to Push 3DS Hardware Limits

While neither VD-dev or their games instantly spring to mind when recalling the most memorable handheld games, they’ve consistently made some of the best looking of the past twenty years. The studio has developed games like Cop the Recruit, DRIV3R (GBA), Asterix and Obelix XXL, Wacky Races and many more. The gameplay is generally not the most refined, but the games tend to push the limits of the hardware.

Now the studio is looking to do the same for yet another platform (although hopefully with great gameplay), with IronFall coming soon to the 3DS. Not much is yet known about the game, other than that it’s a third-person shooter. The first screenshot of the game was released today, which shows how beautiful the game looks. Literally just a photo of the game running on a 3DS, it looks crisp and features an environment full of detail. Hopefully they’ll release a direct screenshot, but even as just a quicky camera shot, it looks real good.

No release details yet for the game, but it reportedly will run at 60 FPS. Yep, a 3DS game running at 60 FPS.