Steam Week-long Sale Games Revealed

Steam’s week-long game sales can be a great way to catch up on games you might’ve missed out on over the past few years. This week’s sale takes 75% off of Post Apocalyptic Mayhem, taking the Twisted Metal-style car combat game down to $2.50. The combat racer Death Track scratches a similar itch for a mere $1.75 instead of $7. Bitmap 2 Material gives you powerful texturing tools via its Commercial Upgrade for a mere $50 instead of $100. Conversely, you can just spend $75 instead of $150 if you don’t own the software already. Substance Designer gives you more game-creation tools, with the base product costing $100 with no discount, the Commercial Upgrade costing $245 instead of $490, or the Commercial version on its own going for $295 instead of $590. Elemental gives you a heavily-stylized puzzle-platformer for $5 instead of its usual $10. Jagged Alliance 2 Gold will also only set you back $5, but comes with a 75% savings instead of 50%. Disciples II: Gallean’s Return gets a 75% off discount, taking it to $1.62 instead of $6.50. Rig ‘N Roll isn’t the prettiest looking game out there, but will provide some big rig fun for $6 versus $25 – or you can spend $5 and get it along with Death Track: Resurrection, AIM Racing, and Streets of Moscow in a bundle – a far better overall deal.

Naval Warfare goes from $5 to $2.50, offering up some water-based strategy gameplay for very little cost. Thirty Flights of Loving looks absolutely bizarre, and only costs $2 instead of $5. The sale’s biggest releases include ARES: Extinction Agenda for $2.50 instead of $10, or you can get the Complete Edition for 50 cents more and get an OST and some bonus suits. This recently launched on the 360 for $15, so this is a great way to get the game for very little money if your setup is powerful enough to play it. The other semi-big name here is Little Inferno, which will only set you back $5 and works just fine with mouse control since it’s setup for touch controls on the Wii U anyway. Retro City Rampage will also only set you back $5, and provides a lot of GTA-style thrills with a retro feel.