Big Atlus Sale Hits PSN

A number of top-quality Atlus games (and God Mode) are on sale this week via PSN. $5 gets you GM, or you can use that same $5 on Disgaea in the PS2 Classics section. Cursed Crusade will set you back $10, as will every Persona game on the PSP (which can all be played on the Vita). Other deals include Class of Heroes, Crimson Gem Saga, Kenka Banchou, and Knights in the Nightmare for $7.50. Hexyz Force, Riviera, and Yggdra Union are $5, while Dragon’s Crown is $30. YU and Disgaea are definitely worth $5, while the Persona deals are easy to recommend as well. The rest are a bit less easy to recommend, so check stuff out on them before buying just to see if they’ll be to your liking.