Driveclub Replacement PS+ Game Announced

With the official delay of Driveclub into next year, many wondered what would replace it in the PS+ Instant Game Collection on the PS4’s launch. Today, Sony announced that the 2D/3D hybrid platformer Contrast will replace it as the launch freebie, while Driveclub will still be made available in a stripped-down free version via PS+ at a later date, with the option to upgrade to the full game if you so desire. The value of the replacement games is certainly a bit less as far as initial expense to the player, but the new selection does offer up more variety and shows a commitment to the indie scene. Given that Driveclub will still be a freebie, this is a really good move overall since the games look outstanding, but as someone who was largely looking to buy the system at launch for Driveclub, it’s hard to imagine buying the system at launch now since Contrast will also be released on PC at the same time.