DC Universe Online Is Being Prepared For The PlayStation 4

“Game Update 31” sounds like a secret military experiment. It sounds like a password required to enter a Bond villains laboratory-of-evil, or even an update for a video game. Of course, it’s only one of those, but at least it’s the most exciting one of the lot: the video game update.

According to a recent official blog post by Larry Liberty, Executive Producer of DC Universe Online, the game is being prepared for its launch on the PlayStation 4 system, and will be greatly improved for all players, on all platforms in the process. Liberty noted that this would be the “biggest technical update” they’ve ever done, and that players should expect “design improvements, polish, and a remastering of the core leveling,” as well as a complete graphical makeover.

“In Game Update 31, we have made a combination of art upgrades that, when taken together, offer a significantly improved visual experience. Most notably, the level of detail on textures will be increased throughout the game on PC and PlayStation®4.”

While the primary focus has been the newest Sony console, Liberty hasn’t forgotten about those who may not be upgrading their system just yet. The DCUO team has been working hard to prepare the game for more than its PS4 update; they’ve been establishing the games future across all platforms.

“We have corrected and improved hundreds of details in the environmental geometry throughout the game to bring a better, seamless experience to all players, and these changes will be in effect on all platforms, including the PlayStation®3.”

Some of the many other improvements include enemies that battle and behave more consistently, replayable side-missions, and possibly most importantly, less of a chance players will be lost or stuck without a mission to complete. Those interested in exploring the DC Universe anew can expect Update 31 on the PC Test server later this week, and the PC/PS3 launch in early November. Those waiting for the PlayStation 4 worry not, as the team is working on making the update available within its launch window.