Become A PC Gamer For Less Money With Alienware

PC gaming can be intimidating. It’s like the beautiful hostess at Applebee’s that only speaks enough English to seat my party, and quickly returns to her post. I want to ask her where she’s from, or perhaps out for a drink or two, but I rarely dine without my fiance. And she also only exists in this terrible analogy. However, the fact remains that PC gaming doesn’t quite have the cheap plug-and-play stigma that the console market so heavily relies on, leading many to keep away from an otherwise amazing world of games both tinker-able and less-expensive (thanks to an abundance of online sales).

Alienware, the company responsible for those weird looking computer cases understands the hostess analogy, and wants to teach her — you know what, forget the hostess analogy. Alienware has offered a trade-in program in the past, and with the new generation of consoles right around the corner, they’ve decided to do so again. This time around, you can earn up to $200 for your console with the purchase of a new rig.

The upgrade to PC gaming plan has four easy to follow steps:

  • Find the cash value of your device. Make sure to be honest about its condition. For example, if a waffle somehow made its way into the disc tray along with some maple syrup and an antique silver butter-knife, it’s likely that your Xbox 360 isn’t “near mint.”
  • Buy a new Alienware system. While this step may tempt some of you to scheme the company out of $200, remember that you must purchase the PC in full before requesting your trade-in. Yeah, they’re not stupid — I tried.
  • Visit the Trade Up Portal and send Alienware your recent purchase invoice and bank information. You won’t worry about them stealing your money once you discover the price of some of their rigs.
  • Send in the trade, and once it arrives you’ll receive your money by way of bank transfer. Well, within 40 days. I know, that’s a lot of days, but if Moses can lead a bunch of pissed-off ex-slaves through a desert for 40 years, it’s still a pretty long time to wait for a freaking trade-in.

If PC gaming is something you’re interested in, and Alienware is a company you’d like to purchase your PC from (they have a lot of nifty options), this might be the deal for you.