OUYA Microconsole to be Sold at Target Stores Nationwide

Polygon broke the news that the OUYA microconsole will be sold at all Target locations throughout the United States later this month. A nationwide ad campaign will be launched alongside it, and those who purchase the system at Target will also get $10 to spend in the system’s Discover storefront. This is outstanding news for the company, the console, and its fans. We’ve had the system since May thanks to backing it on Kickstarter, and have seen the ups and downs in real-time. After losing some faith amongst the community for the Free the Games fund going awry, a bold move like this was needed to show that there is hope for this system to be viable commercially.

With the launch of more Android systems like the GameStick and MOJO, competition is going to be more fierce and with a $100 price point, the OUYA can trumpet its low price-tag and exclusive games during a crowded holiday season for gaming. Unfortunately, the kiosks won’t be nationwide before the holidays, because that would be a perfect chance to showcase games like TowerFall, Hero of Many, Maldita Castilla, Boost 2, and MirrorMoon EP that can’t be found on other consoles. The console is far from perfect and has an uphill battle to climb, but with things like this going on, it shows that there is hope for the system yet.