3D? 2D? Beyond Perception is Both at Once

2D playing at 3D or vice versa isn’t a new concept, but as long as we keep pretending that the images we see on a flat monitor have actual depth then games are going to play with that.  Beyond Perception does this by taking you on a tour of a museum, and each two-color painting is a level that inflicts another bit of trickery on our poor deluded eyes.  Stand still and there’s zero depth, and details of the world get lost due to the lack of shading.  Start moving and the world springs to life, with new details being revealed if you can only find them.

Initially released as a entrance in the 7DFPS jam (make an FPS in 7 days), work has continued on Beyond Perception and a shiny new trailer shows off rooms that have been created since the initial freeware version‘s release for Win/Mac/Linux.  Development is continuing and the video shows a promise of plenty of new ways to make your eyes hate your brain, so check out the original for a taste of the madness to come.