PS4 ‘Perfect Day’ Commercial Gets New Meaning in Light of Lou Reed’s Tragic Passing

Lou Reed, the legendary rock star who influenced generations of musicians, has died. During his storied career, he was the front man of ’60s group, Velvet Underground, and released acclaimed solo albums such as the David Bowie produced “Transformer,” which lead to singles “Walk on the Wild Side” and “Satellite of Love.” Reed died of an ailment related to a recent liver transplant. He was 71.

Reed’s music never seeped into gaming until the recent PlayStation 4 commercial, which offered a cover of Lou’s famous single, “Perfect Day.” We have gone on record praising it as a very impressive trailer as it stood, bringing up feelings of friendships and rivalries with best friends that come into clarity with gaming. In the light of Reed’s untimely passing, however, the ad takes on new meaning.

Instead of being a clever epitome of the relationships in gaming, it takes on an almost somber tone upon re-watching. Seeing the characters in the ad sing the song now recalls the importance of not only his music, but the lyrical content which is more timely now than ever.

Although Reed would probably lament the fact that a commercial of all things would recall the strength of his music, the “Perfect Day” ad now acts like a stirring tribute to the master musician and hopefully has inspired a new generation to discover his brilliant work.

Watch it again below: