Battlefield 4 Is Ready To Provide You With Intense Multiplayer

EA and Dice have focused a lot of attention on Battlefield 4’s single player campaign, but I think we all know why we’re getting Battlefield 4: multiplayer.  Battlefield 4 is set to deliver players with some of the most intense multiplayer experiences of their life, something that the multiplayer launch trailer is happy to point out with the insane amount of action that can happen on any map.

Battlefield 4’s multiplayer will feature huge maps with 64 players (24 on PS3 and Xbox 360) running around trying to complete objectives.  Each map features dynamic events that can change how gamers play on each map.  For example, one map features a dam that can be ruptured and floods a city.  Players must transition from ground combat to naval combat in a quick instant or drown.  All of these dynamic are player-triggered through Levolution.

There are also tons of different guns, vehicles and aircraft to master.  Basically there’s going to be a ton of destruction and carnage and its going to be awesome.

Battlefield 4 is the fourth main entry in the franchise and the first game to run on the impressive Frostbite 3 engine.  Those looking for a console version would be served best by waiting for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.  The current-gen versions have a player-cap of 24 players and the game will not take advantage of all the features of Frostbite 3.

Battlefield 4 is out today in North America and November 1 in Europe for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.  The PS4 and Xbox One versions will launch alongside the consoles.  Check out the multiplayer launch trailer below: