Call of Duty: Ghosts Is Native 1080p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One

Infinity Ward has confirmed that the rumors of the Xbox One version running at a native resolution of 720p are in fact true.  It has long been rumored ever since Infinity Ward began showing footage of the PS4 version rather than the Xbox One version, something that struck many as odd considering that Activision and Microsoft have long been partners when it came to Call of Duty.  The rumor-mill heated up even more when the developer announced that the PS4 version would run natively in 1080p.

This confirmation comes roughly after the announcement that Battlefield 4 would run natively at 720p on Xbox One rather than 900p on the PS4.  Launch title Ryse: Son of Rome will also only run at 900p rather than the 1080p Crytek and Microsoft promised at E3 2013.  Titanfall is also rumored to only run at 720p

While the resolution might not be up to fans hopes, they can at least rest assured that the game will still run at 60 FPS on Xbox One.  “We optimized each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both,” Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin said.

Hopefully future titles will be able to hit that 1080p mark console gamers have been waiting to see for a while.  For now though, it looks like the PS4 holds the edge when it comes to resolution.