Check Out Nightmare Zone and the First Fifteen Minutes of Sonic Lost World

After a fairly boring month, Wii U owners finally have a chance to play Sonic Lost World. With vibrant backgrounds, new storyline, Nights cross over DLC (exclusive to the Deadly Six Bonus Edition) and a touch of the classic, fans have more than enough to be excited for. However, will this be a recipe for success or will Lost World follow in the footsteps of several other Sonic titles?

The first video showcases the first fifteen minutes of Sonic Lost World. Here you can get a very brief introduction to the story and see a few stages. For those retro fans out there, make sure to keep an eye out for all the winks to the past. The second video covers the Nightmare Zone, which is what the Nights DLC is called. This video does cover the whole DLC pack, so don’t think there is more to the DLC.

Sonic Lost World – First Fifteen Minutes

Sonic Lost World – Nightmare (Nights DLC) Zone