Beatbuddy Gets Steam Patch With Alienware Alien FX Support

Criminally under-appreciated game Beatbuddy just got itself a Steam patch that will make it compatible with Alienware’s AlienFX custom lighting system. What does this mean for most gamers? Absolutely nothing. You need to have an Alienware computer or laptop in order for this patch to work, so if you don’t, you miss out on the fun. What does this mean for Alienware computer or laptop owners? Well, still basically nothing, but your computer will light up in time to the beat. You can check out the video below to see the full effect, or you can imagine some flashing Christmas lights and get basically the same result.

I’ve been holding out hope for a sequel or some DLC or anything that gives me hope I might see more of this excellent title, but I guess some flashing lights are cool too. Any reason to play through Beatbuddy again is a good one, so if you happen to have Alienware you might want to check this out. Even if you don’t, go and get Beatbuddy anyway.