Crazy Wal-Mart Site Price Drops

Literally, there’s just about no logic to these savings. Big thanks to Sway on CAG for bringing this to everyone’s attention, because Wal-Mart‘s got some random-ass sale prices right now. Games are going in and out of stock constantly, but keep an eye out for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario Kart 7, GTA V, Disney Infinity Starter Kit, Pokemon X/Y, WWE 2K 14 (PS3), Diablo III (360), Saints Row IV (360), Dragon’s Crown (Vita), Soul Sacrifice, and Splinter Cell Blacklist because their prices are in the $18 range. Some items aren’t available for shipping, but you can pick them up for a local store – so keep that in mind. This is an outstanding way to get some holiday shopping done before Black Friday.