Even Square Enix Is Surprised By The Success of Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn

It was riddled with bugs, littered with unnecessary complications, and overall a rather bland experience. No, not sex with Jennifer Aniston. I’m talking about Final Fantasy XIV following its disastrous launch. There was very little to love, a lot to hate, and many angry customers blowing-up message boards with various complaints, ranging from simple UI issues to entirely broken mechanics. However, Square Enix has since removed the game from retail, retooled it from the ground up and re-released it to a head-shaking fan-base.

While Square Enix had been anticipating a loss of approximately $13 million due to such complications, in a pleasant turn of events, and thanks to the amicable performance of multiple titles — including the surprising success of A Realm Reborn — the company was able to earn a nice profit of around $26 million.

How, you ask? Well, a majority of this success came straight from North America, which seemed to relieve A Realm Reborn of its shame with open arms (and wallets) — a surprisingly warm reception considering the company’s struggle within the market this past year.

It’s worth noting that Square Enix won’t be releasing their full fiscal numbers for a few weeks, so it’s difficult to determine whether this burst of success is being celebrated too soon. Hopefully this reversal is indicative of the company’s future in this upcoming generation — as they’ve displayed some glorious releases we hope to see before we’re standing in line for the PlayStation 5.