Wii U Sales Soar In Japan Thanks To Wii Party U

Nintendo may be doing something right in Japan.  Sales charts are in for the past week and the Wii U has grown leaps and bounds.  It wasn’t enough to trump the 3DS, but it was enough to become the best-selling home console of the week.  This can be attributed to the release of Wii Party U, a collection of mini-games similar to the Mario Party franchise, but using your personal Miis rather than Mario characters.  Wii U sales went from an abysmal 2000 to an astounding 38,000 in one week.

Nintendo still holds the number one spot for hardware sales.  That will be thanks to the 3DS and Pokemon X and Y.  The two Pokemon titles continue their strong hold at the top of the software charts.  Three out of the five games in the Top 5 are 3DS titles.

Sony isn’t doing too shabby.  The PS3 has long been the best-selling home console in Japan, but the impending release of the PS4 is most likely limiting sales.  A reminder, the PS4 doesn’t launch in Japan till February 2014.  The PS Vita is still thriving in Japan thanks to a price cut and the introduction of the new slim model.

You can check out all of the Japanese sale stats at Gematsu.