PS4 Protection Plan Priced, Detailed

It’s November 15. You’re in line in GameStop about to purchase your PS4 or sitting in a rocking chair in front of your door waiting for the UPS man to show up. After months of anticipation, you finally get your hands on your next-gen console. You unwrap it, plug it in haphazardly and get ready for a marathon session of Knack (or more likely, another game that’s not Knack). This is living, but soon it hits you: will it last forever? Could the PS4 break and crush your hopes and dreams? It’s always possible, so Sony will once again be offering a Protection Plan for their latest console.

For $49.99, plan buyers will receive two years of coverage for their PS4, which includes claim processing available 7 days a week, no out-of-pocket expenses for qualified claims, a pre-paid shipping box and PlayStation certified technicians and genuine PlayStation parts. For ten bucks more, the plan will cover accidental damage.

This comes in additional to a 1-year limited warranty out of the box.