Target Ships Someone Xbox One Early, System on Ebay For 10K

If you have a strong desire to have an Xbox One in your hands as soon as possible, and a spare ten grand lying around, then an ebay user has a system to sell you. The auction starts at $1,000, but you can buy it now for a mere $10,000. The user apparently got it shipped super-early from Target. It’s not a Day One Edition, which I can see causing a bit of panic for folks worrying if their system will be a DOE or not. Now on the surface, you could spend twice as much to guarantee getting the system before launch. However, you can’t really do anything with it until the day one patch, so there’s no good reason to bite on this unless you have money to burn. Even if you’ve got that, just donate it to charity, or buy a ton of game bundles, or hell even buy a ton of beer and just get into a drunken stupor until the system’s actual launch. Any of those things would be more productive than giving this guy a ton of money for a system you can’t do anything with until the launch anyway.