Maximum Overdrive Gets Indiegogo Campaign and OUYA Demo

While the OUYA has 500 games now, it doesn’t have very many formal demos available for its games – most things in limited form are just in playable alpha form. MO is a 2D side-scrolling shooter with a cartoony art style, an intense soundtrack, and really smooth controls. It’s also one of the few projects that actually makes use of the OUYA’s built-in browser by sending you right to its IndieGogo page via a single touchpad click. Once there, you’ll see a vaiety of reward tiers ranging from $1 to $500. The full game is set to just cost a mere $1, or you can simply sideload an apk that the dev will provide and do with it what you will. It’s an unprescented level of access for a game released on a home console, and really embraces the OUYA’s open-to-all mentality. This game is an OUYA-exclusive developed with open source software, so if you’ve got the system and enjoy 2D shooters, check out the demo.