Stack Social Offers RetroN System+Games Bundles

If you’re in the market for a clone console, Stack Social has a set of bundles that might appeal to you. For $19, you can get the system and two RetroN controllers, while $39 gets you that along with two available NES games of your choice for $40. For $59, you can get the system, two controllers, a Zapp gun, and two NES games. The core deal isn’t a great savings – as Amazon has the system for $20, although the Tommee NES pads do look pretty good and seem to work about as well as classic NES pads, only they feel a bit cheaper. The best deal might be the $40 one since you get a pair of games of your choosing, and ebay can skew prices a bit high. One downside is that with all sales being final, you may be SOL if one of them doesn’t work. These bundles are a handy way to play some NES classics, but the clone systems have yet to reach 100% accuracy or compatibility, so you might be better off searching thrift stores and checking out a guide on how to repair an NES if that’s a big deal for you.