The Humble Store Launches

Long-known for offering up amazing deals in bundles, the folks behind them have launched the Humble store to expand their offerings. It’s launching with 24 hour savings on a slew of games, taking Don’t Starve for $7.50, Prison Architect for $15, The Swapper for $5, Natural Selection II for $6.25, Euro Truck Simulator 2 for $6.25, Chivalry for $6.25, Orcs Must Die 2 Complete for $6.25, Gunpoint for $5, and Rogue Legacy for $7.50. 10% of all proceeds go to charity by default – so there’s no slider available if you’re used to giving all (or nothing) to charity. Rogue Legacy is a must-have, although it also seems like a game that will be cheaper during a big Steam sale, this is a way to get a significant savings on it and also donate to charity at the same time.