Watch Battlefield 4 Being Played in 5K …Sort Of

With all of the arguments over 720p vs 1080p or 30fps vs 60fps, it’s always a humbling reminder when a top of the line PC video gets released that for many, console gaming is mere child’s play. A video was just released from PDXLAN 22.5 that shows Battlefield 4 being played in 5k resolution (5400×1920) on five interconnected monitors. The rig is sporting an Intel 4770K, 2 AMD v2 7990’s, 2 Adata SSD’s in Raid 0, NZXT Hale V2 1200 Watt PSU, All EK watercooling and an Asus Sabertooth Z87 Mobo. More still, the game is running in 80 or 90 fps. Unfortunately, the video is entirely off-screen with a fisheye lens and the camera man never gets as close as we would like.

Regardless, however, it’s easy to see how beautiful the game looks when played on a ridiculously maxed-out rig.