Wi-Fi PS Vita at Radio Shack For $160

Radio Shack isn’t just a place to buy a phone and be asked for your phone number CONSTANTLY – it can also be a place to score a deal. Right now, the Wi-Fi-only PS Vita is $160. The 3G version was also available for that price, but went OOS – given how that 3G functionality didn’t really amount to much, but it also led to the hardware costing more, that did offer the greatest overall savings, so it’s not too surprising. The Vita hasn’t appeared in BF ads yet, and hasn’t even seen games on sale as a part of Amazon’s Black November month flash sales, so this may very well be the best deal on the system this season. This deal runs until November 16, so you’ve got some time to take advantage of it – and for the 3G unit to perhaps go back in stock.