Best Buy Black Friday Ad Now Available

Best Buy’s been the longest brick-and-mortar holdout, but now their BF ad is online. Gaming-wise, some deals are repeated like the $35 price for Beyond, AC IV, The Last of Us, Battlefield 4 and $200 for a Last of Us/Arkham Origins bundle. BB has the best overall 360 deal, as $190 gets you the system, a 250 GB hard drive, and downloads of Tomb Raider and Arkham City along with Halo 4 and Darksiders 2. BB is so far the only place to offer up Wii U savings, with a Black Friday bundle setting you back $320, but including Nintendo Land and both Mario and Luigi Wii remotes. $30 deals include Black Ops 2, Black List, Saints Row IV,¬†Arkham: Origins, and The Elder Scrolls Anthology (PC) with Skyrim, Far Cry 3, Forza 4,¬†Tomb Raider (PS3) and three months of Xbox Live Gold as notable $15 deals. $12 gets you Arkham Asylum and LBP 2: Special Edition, GTA IV, GT 5 XL, MK Komplete, or PS All Stars Battle Royale along with other games. None of the deals are super-amazing since so many have been repeated, but Forza 4 is a must-have for $15, and PS All-Stars is great for Smash Bros. fans. The Wii U bundle is a good deal, and if you’re in the market for a 360, this is the best overall bundle on Black Friday so far. It’s sad that the Vita got no love, but not entirely unexpected.