NWO DLC Released For WWE 2K14

Before its release, the NWO DLC for WWE 2K14 had people amped up because the WCW version of the group hasn’t really been featured in a game properly in 15 years. Not since WCW/NWO Revenge have so many members been in a game that was remotely good, as WCW Mayhem was pretty terrible and the group’s WWF incarnation was only in WWF WrestleMania X8 on the GC, which was functionally okay in some ways, but its mechanics were too stripped down to have good matches with the game. Now, the NWO is back in video game form with NWO versions of Hall, Nash, Randy Savage, The Giant, and Curt Hennig. If you bought the season pass, you can get the Outsiders duo of Hall and Nash in their red and black gear from ’96.

While their attire looks fantastic, it’s a bit disappointing that Hennig is in without his iconic Mr. Perfect theme. At least him being playable now brings the Perfectplex into movesets since it’s been taken out of the past few games and replaced with a terrible-looking fisherman’s suplex turned into a bridge that looks impossible to hurt an egg with. The Steiner Screwdriver and Recliner are also included in the pack. The NWO pack is the first DLC pack released for the game, with the next pack available in December with Summer Rae as a free character, and the inclusion of Fandango, Big E Langston, the Bella Twins, and a ton of moves.