RPG/Visual Novel Hybrid 99 Spirits Lands on Steam

Thanks to Steam Greenlight, fans of niche Japanese video games are finally getting the opportunity to purchase them via their favorite PC game distributor. Recently, Fruitbat Factory’s 99 Spirits was successfully Greenlit by fans. Today, the game made its official debut on the Steam Store.

So what exactly is 99 Spirits about? The story focuses around a young woman named Hanabusa living in feudal Japan. Her call to action comes in the form of spirits murdering her own mother. Desperate for revenge, she takes on a quest to kill every spirit. In this case, the concept of the spirits comes from Japanese tales of inanimate objects gaining spirits on their hundredth birthday. Gameplay is a mix of RPG and puzzle presented with a visual novel aesthetic. Hanabusa interacts with a large cast of characters and fights with an even greater amount of enemy spirits.

If 99 Spirits has you captivated, then it might be best to buy soon. The game is on sale for $13.49 from now to November 19th to celebrate its launch. There is also a 99 Spirits Steam Special Edition available for $22.49. Buying this version nets you 99 Spirits, digital soundtrack, digital artbook, and the Japanese version of the game! It’s a very interesting offer, but note that even the English version includes dual language voice options.