Kingdom Under Fire II Still Alive and Kicking, Switching from PS3 to PS4

Kingdom Under Fire was one of the original Xbox’s hidden gems. Combining traditional RTS mechanics with those of a hack and slash (a la Dynasty Warriors) the title was one-part strategic command and one-part chaotic brawler. Throw in some RPG elements, gorgeous visuals and a solid narrative, and suddenly there’s the making of a classic. Considering the success of the first KUF, an expansion of sorts was released a year later under the subtitle, “Heroes.” And while, on paper, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom was also a thing, most of us just pretend it never existed. When we put it like that, the franchise hasn’t seen a new installment in almost a decade. Kingdom Under Fire II, though, hopes to change that.

The sequel to the 2004 game has been in development for what feels like forever. In actuality, it’s been at least five years, as the game was announced in January 2008. Since then, we’ve seen plenty of screenshots and trailers, all detailing the sequel’s focus on the same kind of gameplay presented in the Xbox entries, but with the added effect of being a massively multiplayer experience. Originally, KUF II was set for a 360 release, but plans with Microsoft ultimately fell through, which allowed developers Blueside and Phantagram to shift their attention to the PC and PS3 side of things. Now that the devs have effectively missed an entire generation, they have decided that moving Kingdom Under Fire II from PS3 to PS4 is in their best interest — and we agree with them!

KUF II will still make an appearance on PC, however; in fact, it’s hitting Korea later this year. But it’s been confirmed that Sony’s newest baby will be getting that sweet, sweet RTS-hack and slash brilliance, too. To get a look at what KUF is all about, scope the sequel’s seven-minute extended trailer below. We promise, you won’t be disappointed. Did we mention it looks freakin’ beautiful? Oh, we didn’t? Well then… it looks freakin’ beautiful. Enjoy. Consider this an early holiday gift.