Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets some FFVI Love

I’m not even sure Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a game you play. Judging from what we’ve seen thus far, it’s totally plausible that the title is just a case of playing virtual dress-up. After all, costumes appear to permeate and play an integral role in the game’s overall experience. Thus far, we’ve seen a number of cross-over outfits already, and today’s news continues that trend by showing us some throw-back goodness that’s sure to delight fans of Square Enix’s famed RPG franchise. Today, we are privy to some delightful Final Fantasy VI clothing, which turns Lightning into a nostalgic piece of gaming memorabilia.

The costume in question is dubbed the “Heartstealer,” and just so happens to look a lot like Locke’s get-up from FFVI. When designers were asked about this resemblance, they responded with the following:

“…There were talks about wanting to make costumes that represents the Final Fantasy series as an image, so I made it while using the colors of Yoshitaka Amano’s drawing as a reference. However, Mr. Amano’s design patterns are very elaborate, so if the design didn’t go well, there was a chance that it wouldn’t be the same in the game, so I remember working on it thoroughly at some parts. Also, at the time of production, there weren’t many costumes with a boyish look, so I thought that it’d be nice to try it out.”

That’s a long-winded way of saying, “yeah, we wanted Lightning to look like Locke — because he’s a bad ass, and who wouldn’t want to look like him?” But don’t take our word for it, check out the image below and come to a conclusion on your own.