Mario Kart Arcade GP DX to Leave Japan

Folks in Japan have been able to walk into their local arcade parlor and play Mario Kart Arcade GP DX for several months now. While Mario Kart fanatics have been stuck admiring the glorious arcade racer from afar, it would seem that living vicariously through our Eastern gaming counterparts will not be necessary for much longer. Today, Arcade Heroes confirmed that Namco Bandai will be bringing Mario Kart Arcade GP DX to regions outside of Japan this coming winter. What that really means is this: the game is coming to the West. Currently, GP DX is being shown off at the IAAPA 2013 trade show in Florida. This can only mean that Namco Bandai are targeting a US release within the next few months — just in time to get in some quality racing-action before Mario Kart 8 hits Wii U.

Interested parties can take a peek at what the game looks like in the image below. It looks very Cruis’n USA, if you ask us. And just to be clear, that’s a compliment — one given in the highest regard, actually. Because let’s be honest: that game was sweet, and ate all of your quarters in the 90s.

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