The Mysterious PS4 Tutorial Shooting Game Remains Mysterious

Back in September we reported that Tutorial Shooting Game (actual title) was the first trophy list revealed for the PlayStation 4. At the time, many suspected it would be included with the system, much like The Playroom is. Now that the PlayStation 4 has released in North America, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Since the title was always mysterious, this brought up the question, what exactly is Tutorial Shooting Game? The current theory is that it was a test list, though that doesn’t make much sense either. As most of you are unaware, Sony isn’t against companies using the default icons for trophy lists. Trine originally launched with the default images, which were later changed. Both Section 8 games also opted to use the default¬†platinum icon, which is joined by The Walking Dead among others. Had this been a test list, it stands to reason that Sony wouldn’t have uploaded unique images for Tutorial Shooting Game. The oddly specific trophy descriptions also imply it genuinely exists too. The English version of the Dark Awake The King Has No Name trophies are completely without effort and entirely unhelpful, yet Sony still allowed them to upload it, blonze trophy and all.

While it’s entirely possible Tutorial Shooting Game was scrapped and the trophy list was converted into a test list, it might have more to do with the upcoming Japanese launch. For instance, the English translation is very poor. Sure, mistakes happen, like the Resogun trophy that spells license as licence, but these could have definately been done better. Since it mirrors the Dark Awake situation, it might actually be a Japanese title, which might be a bonus for their launch or something they via the PlayStation Store.

Only time will tell, but what do you think Tutorial Shooting Game is?