Trophy Guide: Tearaway

While Tearaway is a straight forward game, some of the trophies can be a little tricky. With various collectibles, secret locations and several missable events, it’s quite likely you’re going to miss something. Since this can be quite stressful, we made this guide so you can cut out the middle man and save yourself hours of searching.


Type: Platinum

Description: Collect all the other trophies

How to Unlock: Do everything Tearaway has to offer.



Type: Bronze

Description: Finish Gibbet Hill

How to Unlock: Simply complete Gibbet Hill and the trophy is yours.



Type: Bronze

Description: Finish Between the Pages

How to Unlock: See “Between the Pages


Helping Hand

Type: Bronze

Description: Complete your first “extra thing to do”

How to Unlock: See “Do-Gooder


Papercraft Beginner

Type: Bronze

Description: Unlock your first papercraft plan

How to Unlock: See “Papercraft Wizard


Happy Birthday

Type: Bronze

Description: Open your first Present!

How to Unlock: See “Gifted



Type: Bronze

Description: Create 10 decorations with the Cutting Mat

How to Unlock: Throughout Tearaway, you’ll come across various situations where you need to make something. There are about 9 total, though you can repeat them an unlimited number of times. For this trophy you need to make 10 designs like that, so you can do all the story ones and redo the last one or click the cutting mat button in the character customization screen and make up to 10 designs. You’re not graded by quality, so put in as much or as little effort as you want.


Too Much Swag

Type: Bronze

Description: Put more than 10 Decorations on your Messenger

How to Unlock: Literally touch your messenger till the character customization screen appears. Once you see the screen, simply add 10 decorations for the trophy. This can be done whenever and will come naturally over time.



Type: Bronze

Description: Dispatch 10 Scraps while riding the pig

How to Unlock: There are only two instances where you get to ride a pig. The first is Maypole Fields, where as other is in The Desert. Since you need to dispatch every Scrap to platinum, you might as well do this at Maypole Field. Anyway, all you need to do is run into a scrap to dispatch them, so it should be pretty easy.


Free Hug

Type: Bronze

Description: Throw a Gopher at a Scrap

How to Unlock: During the Crash Site level, you’ll find a number of Gophers you can throw at a Scrap. You might need to bring one from point A to B, though it shouldn’t take you much time to accomplish.


Dangerous Digit

Type: Bronze

Description: Dispatch 40 Scraps with your finger

How to Unlock: At various points in the game, you can use your finger to dispatch Scraps. Do this to 40 of them and the trophy is yours. However, this should come naturally without any additional effort.



Type: Bronze

Description: Take 15 photos of the paper world

How to Unlock: Push triangle and take 15 photos. Since there are over 50 papercraft plans to find, you should get this by default.


Tower of Doom

Type: Bronze

Description: Tumble a pile of 6 Scraps

How to Unlock: This trophy is actually pretty tricky, since I believe it can only be accomplished at the Crash Site. To do it, you must make it to the large room with a squirrel in it. In this room you’ll get ambushed by 3 black boxes and 2 white boxes. Dispatch the 2 white boxes and then move to the other side of the room. This should cause 3 more black boxes to appear and some other enemies. Make sure to dispatch the guy on stilts first, then take out the other box. After that, try to aggravate the black boxes and move them closer to one another. Over time they should stack on top of one another and make a tower of six Scraps (like the image below). Finally, turn into a ball (circle) and run into the tower to topple it. If done correctly, the trophy should pop shortly after.



Type: Silver

Description: Take a photo of the other Messenger

How to Unlock: Throughout the Tear, you’ll see various Messengers standing around. Simply take a picture of the other one to get the trophy.



Type: Silver

Description: Dispatch 200 Scraps

How to Unlock: See “Scrapped


Inspiring Presents

Type: Silver

Description: Collect 30 presents

How to Unlock: See “Gifted”


Papercraft Enthusiast

Type: Silver

Description: Collect 25 papercraft plans

How to Unlock: See “Papercraft Wizard



Type: Silver

Description: Complete 10 “extra things to do”

How to Unlock: See “Do-Gooder


Lunch Break

Type: Silver

Description: Take a sepia photo of a Squirrel eating an acorn

How to Unlock: Okay, there are a few places to do this one, but the easiest location is Wassail Orchard. Around the midway point, there will be a side path to go through the Squirrel Kings tree. On the top floor, you’ll find three acorns in a bowl. Pull out your camera and set it to the third filter (purchase if need be). Cancel out of the camera and grab an acorn. Give it to a squirrel and then pull out your camera for a quick picture. This might take you a few tries, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.


Globe Trotter

Type: Silver

Description: Take a photo in each Chapter

How to Unlock: If you’re going after the papercraft trophy, then you should have most of the locations done. The only exceptions are The Standing Stones (it predates you having the camera) and The You (no papercraft), so make sure you head to these places first.

For those not interested in that trophy, just take a picture at the start of every level.


Good Old Days

Type: Silver

Description: Take a black and white photo of a Gopher riding an Elk

How to Unlock: Before heading into The Lab, go to the right side of the forest. You should find some Elk and Gophers next to each other. Throw a Gopher onto an Elk and then take a black and white picture of them.

Unlike Lunch Break, there is no time limit to take the picture.


Yellow Head

Type: Silver

Description: Take a photo of Yellow Head

How to Unlock: Towards the end of The Desert, you should see a skull next to a blue present (extra thing to do). Continue past him until you get to the other side of the mountain. Here you should see a giant bull skeleton thing and a bridge to get to the other side. Go across that bridge and Yellow Head will be waiting on the ledge above you (see the picture below). Simply take a picture with him in it and the trophy is yours. Mind you, the game is very liberal about him being in the picture.


Wendigo Fissure

Type:  Silver

Description: Finish the Wendingo Fissure without losing your Stamp

How to Unlock: For this trophy, you have to finish Wendingo Fissue without dying; so don’t worry about taking damage. Unlike the other two levels, this one is extremely straightforward and shouldn’t give you any issues.

If you do this correctly, the trophy will appear shortly after hitting the next level.


Between the Pages

Type: Silver

Description: Finish Between the Pages without losing your stamp

How to Unlock: Unlike Wendigo Fissure, this trophy can be very annoying and easy to fail. To help you out, the following are some tips to accomplish some of the harder parts.

  • Finish the level before trying to ace it. This will give you an idea of what to expect.
  • Don’t rush anything. Most of the parts are designed to be quite fair and doable.
  • Folding paper starts and ends on a yellow piece of paper. Keep this in mind before jumping onto it.
  • Don’t overthink the level.
  • The touch pyramids are safe in the middle and can be open by running your finger across the screen. However, be careful of hollow floors. You can find a guide to the last part below.


Right before you finish the level, you’ll see a few hollow pyramids. These are awful, since you can accidentally run into them without realizing there is no floor. My advice is to run to the safe yellow square and then jump across. You can see in the image below, both of them are safe with no need to rush to the next pyramid.


Grand Tear

Type: Silver

Description: Finish the Tear without losing your Stamp

How to Unlock: Okay, this is the final real level and it’s a real pain in the ass to ace. Not because it’s difficult per se, but because there are a lot of elements that make use of the Vita’s gyroscope. The only advice I can give, is to take it slow, find the least risky path (I avoided a lot of risk by doing actions in uncomfortable positions) and DO NOT go after any collectibles. Sadly, the rest hinges on your ability to manipulate the gyroscope.


You Have 1 New Message

Type: Silver

Description: Finish the game

How to Unlock: After The Tear, you just have to touch some things and walk in a straight line. I don’t even think it’s possible to die on the last two levels.



Type: Gold

Description: Dispatch all the Scraps

How to Unlock: Throughout your adventure, you’ll get attacked by these creatures called Scraps. Most of these encounters are part of the story and you must dispatch them to continue. However, there are a few you can miss, so make sure you dispatch every enemy before continuing to the next area. Since some of these can be missed, the following are all the missable locations I know of.

Maypole Fields – While riding the pig.

Gibbet Hill – In an outhouse a little before reaching the summit.

The Caverns – During your decent, make sure you go through every hoop. Doing so should spawn two Scraps that fall behind you (away from your current objective).

Additionally, this trophy might not unlock when you defeat the last Scrap, so you might have to restart and kill any enemy.



Type: Gold

Description: Collect all the hidden presents

How to Unlock: For the most part, the “hidden” presents are found going down weird hallways or going down a branching path. None of these are particularly difficult to find, though it might take you a few tries to notice all the paths.



Type: Gold

Description: Complete all the “extra things to do”

How to Unlock: Extra things to do are what Tearaway calls the side missions. Most of these are accomplished by talking to someone next to a blue present, though some of them are triggered and others require you to figure it out. Similar to Gifted, these are all fairly straightforward and far less complex than you might think. Some of these were little more than buying a tie and putting it on someone, which takes like 40 seconds.

Papercraft Wizard

Type: Gold

Description: Collect all the papercraft plans in the world

How to Unlock: Unlike Gifted and Do-Gooder, this one has some very hard to find items. While I found most of them with ease, the following are the tricky ones you might have some difficulty with.

The Harbor

To get the final person here, you need the squeezebox, which you get during The Lab level. Once you have the Squeezebox, return to The Harbor and enter the house to the right. You should see a picture with a pinwheel, which you have to hit with the squeezebox. This will reveal a secret room with the final papercraft plan.

Wendigo Fissure

A little before the end, you’ll reach a point where there is some glue on the wall.


When you get to this point, turn around and make sure to create a hole to the left. Inside this hole you should find the drill, which is easily the hardest to find papercraft in the game.


Between the Pages

Continue until you hit the parallel spring part pictured below.

2013-11-14-205520Look across the way and you should see a sheet of paper with a white circle exactly where the camera is pointing below. This is the flower papercraft you need, though you might need to zoom in or get closer for it to count.


Shortly after getting the flower, you’ll come across a extra things to do. This mission is simply riding a sheet of paper pass a series of obstacles. At the top, you should get the present, though it will tell you to take a picture. Upon taking the picture (see below), I got the hidden sun papercraft. I can’t confirm this is the only way to get it, but I can confirm that is how I got it.


The Tear

After doing the 4 gyroscope panel part, you’ll find this guy bouncing towards the right end. This isn’t hard to find, but very easy to miss if you’re rushing or not examining everything.


Finally, there are 5 papercraft plans hidden in the world of Tearaway. To get them, you need to beat the game, get all the papercraft or every collectible and take the picture I mentioned in Between the Pages.


Type: Gold

Description: 100% complete the game

How to Unlock: To get this trophy, you need to get Scrapped, Gifted, Do-Gooder, Papercraft Wizard and I believe find all the confetti scattered across the world.