Acclaimed 3DS Title ‘SteamWorld Dig’ Coming to Steam

Surprisingly, one of the most acclaimed 3DS titles released this year has been an indie eShop title by the name SteamWorld Dig. The handheld digging game took the metroidvania formula and injected unique locals and fun characters into the mix. While previously only 3DS owners had the opportunity to experience its joys, it was revealed today that the game would be making its way (fittingly) to Steam on December 5. This is the first release on the platform for developer Image & Form, which will be available for both Mac and PC users.

The Steam version will play at 60 fps in full HD and include gamepad support in addition to keyboard controls. Achievements, bloom filters, cloud saves and more have been added as part of an initiative to make it play as good as possible on the platform.

According to Image & Form, however, this by no means signals their departure from Nintendo’s handheld. The next SteamWorld game will debut day one on 3DS.

The Steam version will be priced at $9.99, with an expected celebratory release sale to drop the price further.