Gamefly Sale Takes $5 Off of Every Used Game Purchase

Gamefly’s Facebook page revealed an incredible deal tonight – $5 off any used game in physical form in their store. This means that Borderlands 2, Max Payne 3, or Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition can be yours for a mere $10. Injustice can be yours for $15, while Dead Island would only set you back $6. The MGS HD Collection would be down to $20, while the Zone of the Enders HD Collection would be $13 – easily the lowest price yet for it. There’s a caveat to this deal though – all sales are final. As a result, we’d recommend that you only stick with PS3 purchases because they’re much harder to scratch up and you’re far more likely to wind up with a damaged disc that can’t be played on the 360 or Wii U. The $5 discount is applied automatically for every game you buy, and this deal expires on December 2 – so there’s plenty of time to make use of it.