Starbound Steam-bound December 4th-ish

It’s been a long time coming but Starbound is finally almost ready to enter beta.  When the Starbound pre-orders went live in April we knew there was going to be a wait, but after 8 months it looks like patience is finally going to pay off.  Admitted, based on the announcement tweet the December 4th date is more a variable than constant, but the fact that Starbound has changed from “someday” into “soon” is more than good enough cause for celebration.

So there’s the next several dozen gaming hours of my life sorted.  Starbound- science fiction Terraria with your own personal space ship and infinite procedurally-generated planets to explore and an overarching plot that you can choose to follow or not.  It’s basically the death of free time in handy video game form, if the beta lives up to its promises.  Keep an eye out for impressions once Starbound lands, because we’re looking forward to having a lot to say about this one.