Don Bradman Cricket 14 Trailer Looks To Hype You Up For Something Called ‘Cricket’

Being American (and an idiot), the only sports I know about are Football, Baseball, and Monster Truck Basketball. Apparently the rest of the world has sports they are passionate about as well, and I keep hearing about this “soccer” thing where a group of individuals get on a soccer…uh…tundra? Something like that. Anyways, they get on the tundra and run around in circles for two hours while everyone else falls asleep. It is wild, and somewhere in England a riot just started because I insinuated that soccer is boring. And another one just started because I insist on calling it soccer. Seriously though, soccer is awful, and everyone of true character knows the real sexy international sport that Americans try their hardest to ignore is actually cricket.

I know nothing about cricket, but if the trailer for Don Bradman Cricket 14 is any indication, I need to become familiar with it immediately. It is equal parts baseball and Quiddich, and the bludger needs to hit the baseball past the seeker to get a home run. I think. I honestly can’t tell, because the weird movement animations of the pitchers kept distracting me. It seems to be running on the QWOP engine, and I kept waiting for the pitcher to collapse backwards and scoot himself to the pole things behind home plate. Watch the trailer all the way to the end so you can get super hyped for some cricket related goodness (and to also see them catch the golden snitch).

I apologize in advance to our international readers.