Steam Autumn Sale Day Five Deals Announced

It’s a new day for a Steam sale and a wonderful day to be a gamer. Civilization V gets a 75% discount for both the base and gold versions – the former is down to $7.50, while the gold edition, which includes 13 pieces of DLC is down to $12.50. Far Cry 3 also gets a 75% drop, with the base game down to $7.50, Blood Dragon down to $5, and the deluxe version for $10 that includes an OST, artbook, and all DLC except for what’s in Blood Dragon. FEZ gets a 75% drop down to $2.50, with the version with the OST only costing $3.74 – this is the lowest price it’s been at yet. Godus is in early access, but is down to $10 instead of $20 – greatly reducing your financial risk in it.

Metro Last Light is down to $13.59, with its 66% discount covering the whole franchise as well taking it down to $18.69 for everything in the series. Payday 2 is pretty new and is down to a mere $13.49 and $40 for a four pack.┬áPortal 2 is down to $5 for the base game, $9 for a two-pack, a combo pack with the first one for $5, or as part of the Valve Complete Pack for $50. The Wolf Among Us gets a 33% drop to a shade under $17 for the whole adventure, so while it’s not a huge discount, it is still a good value if you want to guarantee having the whole thing for very little money. Torchlight II gets a 75% off drop to $5, with a 4-pack down to $15, and hte original Torchlight down to $3.74.