Pathologic is Being Revisited by Ice-Pick Lodge

In 2005, Russian game developer Ice-Pick Lodge made a name for themselves with a disturbing survival-based RPG by the name of Pathologic. It managed to become an underground success, even winning an award. Since then, the developer has continued to produce unusual titles such as The Void, Cargo and the recent Knock-Knock.

Now they’ve shared that they have plans to return to their first game. A Facebook post on the developer’s page revealed the details. Ice-Pick Lodge is “reanimating Pathologic” nearly ten years later. However, they’re not set to revisit the game without outside input. Instead, they are offering an opportunity for fans of Pathologic to share opinions about what was good and bad about the title.

Hopefully hearing from their audience will make the new Pathologic a less divisive experience. The deadline for fans to express love or hate to Ice-Pick Lodge is on December 12th. No release window was pegged for Pathologic itself.