Steam Autumn Sale Day Six Deals

On the sixth day of Steam deals, Valve delivered to us a $5 price on Age of Empires II: HD Edition, a $2.50 price for Garry’s Mod, and a mere $10 for Scribblenauts Unlimited. While that’s been offered for a far lower price, I think as part of a bundle, it’s still a good deal – just not an amazing one. Europa Universalis IV is $20, while Dust: An Elysian Tail is a mere $3.74 – it’s an excellent side-scrolling action-RPG, and well worth picking up at that price. Tomb Raider is another must-have at $10, while Black Ops II gets a lesser recommendation at $30. The Stanley Parable’s $9, but its 40% discount will certainly be topped in the future, while Shadow Warrior’s $10 price may be as low as it goes until a big price drop since it’s a $40 game normally.