Don’t Fall For This Trick To ‘Enable Backwards Compatibility’ On Your Xbox One

If you browse the internet with any sort of frequency, you’ve likely discovered that a fair amount of the things you read online are not posted with the purest of intentions. Over time, you’ve probably learned to read something, and then recognize it as false information. Well, if you own an Xbox One, make sure the following is one of those things you recognize as false information.

Quite a stir has been caused by the fact that every Xbox One has the ability to become a Devkit, because as a result, every Xbox One has the potential to be bricked just by the alteration of a few settings. Internet trolls are using this poor design-choice to get a few cheap laughs. The steps listed above will in fact not make your Xbox One backwards compatible, it will make it reboot over, and over, and over, and over again.

Our readers are, of course, savvy enough to know this is a fake. But there’s always a few poor souls that fall for this sort of thing. Hopefully Microsoft adds a few more barriers between users and these Devkit settings.

Special thanks to NeoGaf user Delusibeta for posting about the image’s recent spreading.