Artwork For Upcoming Sega Game ‘Alien Isolation’ Leaks?

VGX isn’t for another two hours, but some of the possible announcements have already begun to leak. First up is “Alien Isolation,” which is apparently a new Alien game from Sega. The first image appears to be cover art while the second promotional art. The possible cover art depicts a female Ridley-looking astronaut appearing frightened as a Xenomorph reflects in her helmet. The second features a spaceship that seems to have taken massive damage (possibly from an alien invasion?). From the looks of both images, it evokes more of a survival horror vibe, which would be a great change of pace from Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Even though that was a massive failure, it would make sense for Sega to continue producing games with the valuable IP it controls. We’ve reached out to Sega for comment and will keep our eyes peeled during VGX tonight for any possible reveals.