Why No Man’s Sky Made VGX Almost Worth Watching

The three-hour VGX broadcast is thankfully over, and while most viewers left disgusted, there were some shining lights that managed to rise above the garbage-filled show. Over the course of that three hours, people were subjected to a variety of interviews that seemed to be glorified fluff, Remedy’s new iOS game being played for a couple of minutes, some terrible fashion choices, some music, and even more terrible fashion choices. While the guy with a $60 price tag amused in an ironic way, one game delivered the goods genuinely — No Man’s Sky. Crafted by Hello Games — the people behind Joe Danger — and gathering funding thanks to its owner selling his home, it looks to offer up a first-person adventure game unlike anything else.


While MirrorMoon EP did a similar first-person exploration game in theory, this expands things to more than just the moon – but to entire planets. In a way, while it’s an unrelated game dev team-wise, MirrorMoon almost seems like a proof of concept demo, while this game feels like that same idea fully fleshed out. Every rock, tree, bit of coral, planet, AND galaxy will be generated this way and it will definitely result in a more immersive experience. The underwater portion of the trailer was stunning, while the part flying over it looked great too thanks to the sheer amount of color on-screen at once. There’s also a flight battle component that should make Star Wars fans salivate. As someone who loves Joe Danger, Star Wars and MirrorMoon EP, this is easily one of my most-anticipated games – it’s a shame no release date was announced.